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"Our BIG idea is the instant real-time "hit feedback" system. This is absolutely ground-breaking technology and the subject of an international Patent. It totally revolutionizes the game. Our studies show this invention produces far more dopamine*. 

Venues that have this technology will be far in front of venues that don't. With such a major advance in the gamer experience, it is clear only venues with this will survive and thrive in today's instant communication and technology buzz environment. Only the best will do to protect your business."
Peter Lander, Battlefield Sports Founder & S*A*T*R Inventor


breakthrough gen2 digital technology
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S*A*T*R (small arms transmitter receiver) worldwide patent pending -- International Application Number: Patent Cooperation Treaty/AU2007/001979 -- Priority date: 21 Dec 2006
* Dopamine is the brain's major pleasure chemical. Action movies, roller-coasters, coffee, blockbuster video games, and now S*A*T*R™ stimulate the release of dopamine.

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