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satr logThis is the world's first, instant real-time hit feedback system. This technology is patent protected (patent #PCT/AU2007/001970) & only available from Battlefield Sports. Note: sounds are copyright Battlefield Sports. A word from the inventor.

S*A*T*R Full Features List

  • PROBLEM: Gamers not knowing WHEN they've GOT the other guy.

    • SOLUTION: The world's only real time HIT FEEDBACK via light effects (i.e. through the scope) and sound effects (i.e. through voice feedback). For example, hit feedback indicates “casualty” (wound), “kill” and “dead already

  • Simulate 69 weapons broken into gun classes include machine guns, rifles/carbines, sub machine guns and hand guns. The class is set to match the category of case surrounding the electronic installation

  • In game voice sound effects in 11 languages with English coming in US male, US female and English (officer) male

  • Voice feedback can be disabled in software

  • Real time statistics include hit points, current ammunition in magazine, replacement magazines, hits made, kills made, number of re-spawns and accuracy percentage

  • hkSimulates recoil by powering down the scope for a short interval after each shot. Weapons with high recoil values have longer power down times

  • Backlit LCD enables more stealthy play at night

  • Appropriate weapon support: fully automatic fire, semi automatic fire, burst fire, bolt action fire and single shot

  • Realistic settings for rate of fire, reload times, ammunition per magazine

  • Software controlled range control for shooting

  • Can disable friendly fire by setting a gaming gun to one of two teams (for indoor and high density inflatable use)

  • Supports 3 levels of difficulty

  • Software control of muzzle flash color (white, red, green or none)

  • Software control of hit light color (none, red or green)

  • Configurable to work in one of 4 possible battles. A unit assigned to one battle can hit a unit in another battle. Also referee radio functions are battle specific

  • Explicit software support for indoor play, turning all infrared power down to reduce IR bounce

  • Three levels of software control sound volume

  • Number of reloads (spare magazines) can be configured at boot time

  • The health (hit points) can be set at boot time

  • Most weapons have accurate professional sound recordings for shooting and reloading

satr bookThe S*A*T*R unit configured to function as a referee gun has the following features:


  • Infrared functions work on direct line of sight with a tight infrared beam that typically only affect one target unit at a time.

  • Re-spawn dead S*A*T*R units

  • Reload ammunition

  • Pause

  • Resume

  • Kill (send target unit to dead state with one shot)

  • Shoot (reduce target unit by one hit point)

  • New (starts a new game on the target unit)

  • Change Battle/place

  • Sensor test

  • Set weapons to be used in each gun class.


  • Pause

  • Resume

  • Mission Complete

  • Mission Start.

S*A*T*R utilizes the OptikSensor technology previously developed by Battlefield Sports to provide optimal even performance in all lighting conditions.  

The primary invention separating S*A*T*R from other systems is the ability to perform real time hits back to the shooter in a mobile outdoor environment. This is a totally turn key solution with nothing to setup and no requirement for a central computer system. Each S*A*T*R unit sends and receives both infrared and radio digital messages to communicate with each other. Since units stand alone, the system is not single point sensitive - unlike systems tied to a central computer system. No tethering to a central system allows freedom to play over very large areas without concern that the units will move outside radio range.

Each S*A*T*R when first turned on can be configured to operate either as a live gaming unit, simulating 1 of a selection of 69 different weapons, or as a “referee gun”. 


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