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How Linked In can benefit your Business

Berkshire, UK October 1 2011: Hands up who has a Linked In profile? This month we feature a very quick but insightful video about Linked In (click here to watch it) and how it can help you.

I recently shared the stage at a "Women in Global Business" seminar series with Kelly Sims from Austrade San Francisco.

And she said if you haven't got a profile on Linked In then many Americans believe you are not really in business!

LinkedIn has loads of benefits, you can...

  1. Connect to, potentially, millions of business users.
  2. Send these people to your website by providing them with useful information
  3. Connect with thousands of people by joining a group that's relevant to your business & that they are also interested in
  4. Get dozens or hundreds of people to recommend you and enable people to see those recommendations 24/7
  5. Get found via specific search criteria
  6. Effortlessly market your events and activities
  7. Get on to the first page on Google within 24 hours

If you want to learn more about Linked In, then get in touch with Marketing Consultant Steve Mills who has an excellent online seminar, see http://thelinkedinacademy.com/


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