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Games to play  LIVE

Battlefield Sports writes cool games for combat entertainment


Battlefield LIVE™ draws on the worldwide megatrend of gaming to offer customers a chance to live out their Hollywood hero fantasies. We offer you the secret to how to run thrilling combat entertainment experiences. Live-Plays are the scripts for a live action scenarios, including:

  • mission objectives

  • briefing script/s (storyline) plus Video Briefings

  • descriptions of scenes and props (such as which gaming guns to use), and

  • if relevant, team backgrounds.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of more than 10 years of running Live Games. We have put together a Handbook of Games, for both indoor and outdoors, so you don’t have to worry. We have a summary of the best games called “The Basic Games Handbook” here you’ll get games which you can play outdoors and games you can play indoors. To get your own copy of the Basic Games Handbook just complete the form (top right).

Traditional laser tag was almost wholly about a sci-fi themed game played with plastic “phasers” with a score sheet issued at the end of play showing individual player’s rankings. Most Laser Tag suppliers only offer one storyline or Mission Briefing, our games are always compelling because we offer many, many LIVE game packs. Likewise paintball generally plays the one "capture the flag" game.

More, we have blown the "Laser Tag" concept away with a new style of game where there are ONLY team scores. (Individual gamers can track their own statistics, such as shooting accuracy, on their own gun in real time. For more info about the SATR system, click here.)





Death Match

Fight a battle of attrition. Includes basic gaming tactics or aiming and avoiding getting hit.

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Zombie Game

A classic zombie game - try to survive.  

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Two teams vie for domination of the Battle Box. This is like electronic "capture the flag"

Click here to find out more


Capture the Base

Here's Peter Lander's explanation of how to run this Live-Play

One team starts in a base, & try to defend it against a clan of attackers.

Click here to find out more

VIP Escort (Ambush!)

Special forces get your VIP to the LZ via 2 way points. Ambushers: kill the VIP.

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Capture & Hold

Here's Peter Lander's explanation of how to run this Live-Play


Two teams start at opposite ends, gamers fight over a central sector. Control a designated area (ideally a landmark such as a bridge or building). This area is usually marked by a flag.

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Sniper Games

For the snipers, primary objective: kill the hunters and the secondary objective is to survive. For the hunters, the objective is to kill the snipers while taking minimum losses

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Once you’ve mastered the basics you may wish to challenge your gamers and go for more advanced games such as WW1, or WW2 reenactments or other live role plays. Our  “Comprehensive Games Handbook” explains more than 50 live games, including how to run a clan war.

Our LIVE game packs cover a diverse range of tactical and role playing situations. They show you exactly how to run the games. Some missions are specific to a type of terrain. For example our WW2 Stalingrad game needs an urban area (buildings and/or infrastructure) to work properly. Some of the Vietnam era games rely on dense forest.




VIP Escort (Pursuit) and VIP Escort (Battle)


Special forces get your VIP to the LZ in exactly 30mins & watch for a pursuit party. Ambushers: kill the VIP & stop the SF team escaping.

Capture & Hold (CQB)


This game simulates a close quarter urban battle with both sides trying to capture a vital building (e.g. grande pillbox)

Four Strong Points


The attackers must secure four strong points in order and kill all the defenders.

Border Command


Mission Generator: i.e. the roll of the dice determines what mission the attackers & defenders will play (20 possible combinations).

Tet Offensive

Vietnam (forest/jungle)

Free World: hold a village (i.e. keep your flag flying). Communists: tear down the opposition’s flag.

Kokoda Track

WW2 (Pacific theater)

Fighting withdrawal. Japanese: defend & hold each strong point. Australians” take each strong point.

Heydte’s Escape

WW2 (European theater)

Control a road block. Click here to find out more

Rescue the General

Vietnam LARP (i.e. gamers vs actors)

Command & Control chopper is down, team is dispatched to find & rescue the General.

Battle of Nui Le


An Australian patrol encounters strong Communists forces.

Citadel Hue

Vietnam (urban)

Capture the Imperial Palace of Peace.

Operation Black Box


Find a Black Box flight recorder.

Operation Bribie


Block the escape of a large communist raiding party through the woods.

Stop the Assassins

Vietnam LARP (i.e. gamers vs actors)

Protect a Village Chief (there are lots of twists & turns in this, great for a team building exercise).

OpPlan 34 Alpha


Infiltrate & set demolition chargers.


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