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Battlefield LIVE is live gaming.

Battlefield LIVE is a completely new brand of combat game for entertainment. The Battlefield LIVE experience is a live-action version of popular video games like “Call of Duty” or "HALO". Throughout the battlefield referees on hand to make sure gamers don’t get carried away by the fog of war.

The game is playable in all terrains that you can possibly imagine. All weather conditions. Almost any venue - indoor or outdoor.

The gaming guns shoot infrared (just like a TV remote) or "ghost" bullets so they are harmless and eye safe.

Gamers are usually divided into two teams and vie for victory given various team objectives. Visit www.BattlefieldLIVE.com.au then click on "Missions" to get an idea.

Battlefield LIVE is a complete, balanced and fully play tested game system. Battlefield LIVE is a team combat games played in a variety of maps such as forest, bush land, around buildings and inside huge warehouses. The game is completely mobile and versatile, so we can also run at your fair, theme park, FEC or other attraction.classic system

The technology enables extended range of infrared units in all playing conditions. Extensive testing has been carried out to achieve optimal levels of range and firepower of each gun/sensor for the most satisfying gaming experience in a commercial environment.

The combat game of Battlefield LIVE has been influenced by modern computer games and military training scenarios. These scenarios provide team members the opportunity to overcome adversity together, and gain greater understanding of the team cohesion and the value of communication.

We believe in creating on of the best times of gamers' lives, and, in order to so here are out core concepts:

  • No individual score so focus is on the team, gamers do get however real time statistics including the number of hits, kills and re-spawns on their gaming gun

  • Game balance between gaming guns – holy grail of good game design

  • What you see is what you get.

  • What you hear is what you get.

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