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National Clan War 

PERTH, Australia September 30 2011: Twelve clans from across Australia are expected to converge on Perth in October to contest the 5th Annual National Clan War.

Five person clans will represent Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia in what promises to be the biggest live gaming event of 2011.

Local laser skirmish venue, Castle Invasion, will host gamers from across Australia who will vie for victory as the Nation’s best clan during the weekend of October 8th and 9th.

"Teams will shoot, move, and communicate on a live gaming battlefield to eliminate opponents just like a video game,” said Nicole Lander, Marketing Commanding Officer.

Battlefield Sports’ guns shoot infrared “bullets” to simulate the direct-fire effects of each gamer’s engagements on the battlefield.

During the National Clan War games will be played around gaming inflatables and use the latest in digital technology - SATR gaming guns.

“It is adrenaline pumping; your finger is poised on your trigger. Gamers stare down their barrel waiting for the right moment,” she said.

This experience is the ultimate first person shooter.

“Winning live gaming competitions at the national level takes skill, dedication, and the right equipment,” said Ms Lander.

Now in its fifth year, is the first time the national competition has been held in Western Australia.

The end result will be a weekend of fierce competition, sweat and tears for the kudos of being the best clan in the Australia, and a prize package.


Contact: Nicole Lander
Phone 61 7 3208 8003
Fax 61 7 3208 3001

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