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New Software Release... V1.6a

SATR 1.6A what's new

We have release SATR 1.6A today as the new production code and sound effects. This is the first production release since 1.5C.

Here is what is new:

DOMINATION: Fully integrated into the SATR system domination box mode, any device can become a domination box as long as it has a sensor, LCD, hit light, board and switches. The new battle box is ideal as it has a large bank of hit lights making it clear who is in control.

The player that causes their team to start the domination clock again for their team hears a dong noise on their shooting gun - this is using our patented peer to peer hit feedback system for another cool purpose. Also on the game stats screen when the game ends if you have made at least 1 domination, you get a stat saying how many you got, its called O for objective.

Generally with domination use team settings on the gaming guns. Domination mode is compatible with all versions of SATR that support teams although to get the dong the shooting gaming gun will need the new code loaded too. If you shoot the box from a team A gun, it flashes red and with a B gun flashes blue (or green with old LED;s installed). Alternatively if your using friendly fire on gaming guns, then use the push to dominate option.

Games are easy, just set up two battle boxes as combination boxes with unlimited respawns and of course set them to the right team with the master controller. Set up a domination box in the centre, normally in an area where you have to get in close to shoot but from my experience this is not required to make a great game. At the end of the game just check the flashing lights, which ever light is flashing is the winner! This is my new favorite mission now for the first 2 games. For indoor I found the best way to play it is 5-10 minutes games with the difficulty level set to hard and 3 hit points - used this for the Microsoft TechEd event indoors and it worked great.

I have fallen in love with Zombie games. The genre provides the flexibility one needs to really create interesting scenarios and there is also more options for dress ups and props. SATR now supports Zombie games with survivors automatically turning into Zombies, Zombies getting their own special attack (short range without muzzle flash, no red dot and potentially silent). There is a new mission available as well Zombies which I recommend as your starting point for developing Zombie games called Zombie Survival. There is two modes for Zombie games, Holocaust and Apocalypse.

Holocaust is the simpler option where basically when a survivor dies they respawn as a Zombie (changing from team A to team B, also changing hit points and changing style of attack).

With Apocalypse mode, as well as taking wounds from Zombies players are infected and the more wounds, generally faster the infection. When a survivor 1st dies, an automatic resurrection time commences (configurable), once this time has elapse, the survivor turns into Zombie without having to go to a medic box. A respawn from a A team medic box during the turning period will very temporarily stop the infection but will restore full hit points.

We will do some more features for Zombie games in future for sure especially to make them run on as few staff as possible.
This replaces hire mode as the terminology. Operators now use this extensively to preset all their equipment and not let the staff change any settings. Also good if your running a rental option for your business something that I encourage everyone to have a good look at if you can make the capital investment it has proven worthwhile.

The system allows you to have to red dot scope stay on all the time if you wish in hard or standard mode - its called Recoil on the system

There has also been some cleaning up of the configuration menus to make them a bit more logical.

The upgrade includes loading new sound effects onto the SD card and new code on the gaming guns. Note with the most recent gaming guns except for COBRA's there is now an external programming port to make future upgrades easier. COBRA will have this feature in the next batch slated for Q1, 2013.


Contact: Nicole Lander
Phone 61 7 3208 8003
Fax 61 7 3208 3001

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