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A Lifestyle Business - Battlefield LIVE


After 10 years on the paintball circuit Nic Daniels wanted to start a paintball field.
“I was finalizing which brand to go with, and I came across Battlefield Sports and their fantastic line of Battlefield LIVE products,” he said.
“At first, I was only looking to supplement my paintball business with a little Battlefield LIVE operation on the side – so that I could cater for the (legally underage) gamers who couldn’t play paintball – so as to not miss any sales.”
“After looking very closely at both paintball and Battlefield LIVE, I decided to be solely Battlefield LIVE.”
“From a business point of view… Battlefield LIVE is easier (and more affordable) to establish, and there is no bruising,” he said.
“From a long term paintball gamer’s point of view, their range of the gaming guns is awesome, the accuracy is realistic, the ability to get an instantaneous hit-feedback is great, and the ability of Battlefield LIVE to be mobile means very many venues can be used. But best of all is no more gamers cheating by wiping hits,” he said.

“Not only is SATR great fun for the players, the inbuilt referee features allow me greater control of games with considerably less effort and staff requirements.

“Our investment in 2 medic boxes paid for themselves within just 6 weeks of trade. In addition, the reduced wages each week is allowing us to purchase more guns without cutting into profits.”

“This is great news considering the increased trade we now enjoy thanks to the better gaming experience that SATR provides."

“And I can’t speak highly enough of the benefits of the gaming inflatable terrain.”

The inflatables allow you, in an hour or so, create a mini-complex of urban terrain; school sports ovals, show grounds, football fields, car parks, etc can be readily used to run games.
“It is great stuff, and well worth the money when you stop and consider all the benefits,” he said.
“I have come to realize that at least 80% of our new enquiries come from events which used the inflatable terrain,” said Nic.

“Our HQ playing field is where customers usually go for a game, but the inflatables are a great feature to market our business because it gives customers a taste of what the game actually is,” Nic said.
“After they have played and realize just how much fun Battlefield LIVE is, our telephones start to ring. Even on the same day as the event,” he said.
“Go ahead and pay for marketing if you want but I’d rather have the customer pay for my promotion – which in turn fills weekend playing sessions,” he said.

“Little outlay, lots of return.”


Contact: Nicole Lander

Phone 61 7 3208 8003
Fax 61 7 3208 3001

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