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Battlefield Sports launches their new, patent pending, digital technology, SATR.

Battlefields continue to expand all over the world. New countries include Latvia, Israel, and Poland.

Battlefield Sports also launch their comprehensive, "how to" book called Right on Target.

Battlefield Sports launches there new, patent pending, battlefield inflatables.

Continued solid growth and media coverage worldwide. Showcased our technology at the Commonwealth Games 

Brand new North American headquarters in prestigious Wiltshire Boulevard opens to support USA/Canadian operations. Honored as the Exporter of the Year (Cairns) for 2005.

Many new battlefields launched around the world. Compact carbine model, with extra long range, the Commando launched. Launched new M4 carbine model and launched new Scorpion SMG.

More battlefields open in the USA. Many more follow.
Battlefield Sports� continued to build momentum as more and more businesses realize the benefits associated with this new style of outdoor adventure games. Businesses including: Canada, Sweden, Austria and Belgium are the latest in a growing number of countries that have chosen our Battlefield Live technology.
Exciting new military spec M16 model launched.

Continued expansion of our current models with research and development focused on new products such as the claymore mine... 
A 5 Star facility in BFS's portfolio with the addition of Thunderbird Park
The first battlefield opens in the USA, July 4th.

Battlefield Sports� ' success as an alternative to Paintball Skirmish.
Having established a local production line, Battlefield Sports commenced marketing outdoor laser tag equipment.

Following a re-branding, Battlefield Sports� forged new strategic alliances including with AJ Hackett Bungy.
The year 2000 saw increased popularity of the Far North Queensland battlefield.

Battlefield Sports� established a pilot battlefield in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia.

A technological breakthrough enables the extended range of infrared equipment up to 150 meters + in daylight.
This breakthrough enables the manufacture and marketing of a new breed of Battlefield Live guns.


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