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Enlist for the "Texas Training Day"

register_Success_Summit_VeteransGALVESTON, TX USA: Enlist today for the 2013 Your Battlefield Business Training Day to be held in Texas in February next year.

Enlist today for the 2013 Your Battlefield Business Training Day to be held in Texas in February.

Peter Lander has run commercial outdoor, mobile and also indoor live gaming sessions for the last 13 years and in the process grown from a handful of gaming guns to more than 1,000. Peter has helped operators and their staff from all over the world with the development of their live gaming business, making Peter uniquely qualified. He is keen to help you.

Now is your chance to be trained by Peter in the USA for a one day intensive.
Learn the lessons in one day that Peter has learnt from the “trenches” to build a successful live gaming business. A special presentation by Penny Miller will cover Marketing Success.

Peter Lander, the founder, will be presenting, “I’m excited about the Training Day, it is an excellent chance to network with the Your Battlefield Business owners and prospective owners,” said Peter.

Here are the key topics:
1) The Top 5 Critical Success Factors & it ain’t the gamin guns!
2) How to establish the business so you don’t wind up running every session!
3) How to run large profitable sessions
4) What software configurations to use for different groups.
5) The Top 6 Missions, you and your field staff must know and know down pat!
6) How and when the rig the games so everyone is a winner.
7) How to conduct a mission briefing.

The event is open to owners of live gaming parks, indoor arena operators, transportable attraction managers, and gaming entrepreneurs.

Ken Dubay said “The BFS Training Day is the place to be to help boost your sales. We aim to continue to bring together and strengthen the live gaming industry.”

The event is free, but places are limited so delegates must enlist online.
Enlist today.

For more information please email ken@battlefieldsports.com

About Battlefield Sports
Battlefield Sports™ is the world leader in the development and production of high powdered infrared weaponry for combat games. Battlefield Sports™ manufactures, distributes and markets the equipment, patent pending live gaming inflatables, and unique battle missions for this leading edge hybrid of electronic sport and entertainment. With representation in 30 countries and millions of games played Battlefield Sports has revolutionized the combined entertainment and exercise options for the video game generation. Headquartered in Australia and offices in Los Angeles, Battlefield Sports won numerous awards for excellence, including Exporter of the Year 2005 (FNQ). Inducted to the Australian Technology Showcase, Battlefield Sports sells about 85% of its products internationally. www.battlefieldsports.com 

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