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Battlefield Sports is committed to enabling your business vision. We have created gaming guns, gaming inflatables and Live-Plays to help you do this.

Founder, Peter Lander, has create a series of videos to explain exactly how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Battlefield LIVE is a live computer game. It is a team game, unlike old fashioned Laser Tag there are no "individual rankings" or score sheets. Gamers can, however, check out their own statistics in real-time with our SATR system

Battlefield Sports is a private company and a true entrepreneurial venture. You might be asking yourself, "what is a good franchise to buy?" Well you might want to consider other business startups as alternatives to strict franchising codes. We are not a franchise. We are, however, vigorously pursuing expansion of our multi-nation strategy, combining both corporate locations and establishment of our international brand.

Battlefield LIVE is played in a wide variety of venues, from ski fields to rainforest tropics, as part of school adventure education, and both stand-alone Battlefield LIVE battlefields and as a complementary offering at paintball parks.

In fact Battlefield Sports has exported to more than 35 countries.

Andorra Austria Bahamas
Belgium Canada Chile
Crete Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Greece India
Indonesia Ireland Israel
Kuwait Latvia Malaysia
Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Philippines Poland Portugal
Romania  Singapore South Africa
South Korea Spain Sweden
Thailand Turkey Ukraine

Further Battlefield Sports equipment the game can be completely mobile, so you can bring the entertainment right to your customer. Our gear is flexible, you can set up an indoor arena, or establish an outdoor venue.

The enabling technology made possible through a technological breakthrough enabling extended range of infrared units in all playing conditions in a playable manner. Extensive testing was carried out to achieve optimal levels of range and firepower of each gaming gun/sensor for the most satisfying gaming experience in a commercial environment.

The core technology used by Battlefield Sports is infrared light. Infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum and is the spectrum of choice also for military grade combat simulation equipment like the US Army MILES system.

The combat game style of Battlefield LIVE has been influenced in playing style by computer games and the technology is an adaptation of the military technology for combat simulation training

Some of the Battlefield LIVE core concepts developed by Battlefield Sports that have transformed living gaming are:

  • No individual's score/ranking – totally team focused on objectives + stats in real-time

  • Game balance between weapons – the holy grail of good game design

  • What you see is what you get - each model performs consistently with the case design

  • What you hear is what you get - each model sound effect is consistent

Experience obtained from operating our own commercial operations for the last decade years has led to Battlefield Sports developing the Battlefield LIVE equipment and the refinement of the game and business concepts.

We are still getting plenty of return business for Laser Tag and are especially pleased how Battlefield LIVE has complimented the existing Ten Pin Bowling business. Rather than detract from the bowling numbers, it seems to have boosted them.

Peter Mc, Australia

The founders have also operated an indoor Battlefield LIVE arena before switching to Battlefield LIVE. Many of the Battlefield Sports staff are also regular paintball players, a source of experience that has been heavily drawn on in the development of Battlefield Sports.

Battlefield Sports primary strength is our team. We have a unique combination of professional game developers and business development professionals.

Battlefield Sports has been honored with many awards.  But our greatest reward continues to be meeting our client's needs with our smart technology and focus on customer service.

2011 Awards

  • Winner, Arts/Entertainment Exporter of the Year, QLD, October 2011, click here


2010 Awards

  • Top 3, Arts/Entertainment Exporter QLD, October 2010

  • Finalist, Future Award, Electronics News (national) August 2010

2009 Awards

  • Finalist, Arts/Entertainment Award, Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2009 (statewide) October 2009

  • Winner, Nokia Business Innovation Award, QLD Telstra Business Woman of the Year, September 2009

  • Finalist, Services category, Business Woman of the Year, Queensland Business Review, August 2009

  • Winner, Trutnee Awards, Best Laser Tag Photograph, (international award) January 2009

2008 Awards

  • Winner, Australian Business Awards, Innovation & International Business, (federal award) September 2008

  • Finalist, Next Big Thing Award, national innovation competition, April 2008

2007 Awards

  • Winner, Business Champions Award, Specialized Business (Qld), September 2007

  • Winner, Member of the Year (QLD), Australian Technology Showcase, June 2007

  • Finalist, Technology category, Business Woman of the Year, Queensland Business Review, March 2007 

2006 Awards

  • Top 20 Coolest, Cool Company Awards, Anthill Magazine, July 2006 (nationwide competition)

  • Finalist, Manufacturing category, Business Woman of the Year, Queensland Business Review, March 2006

  • Winner, Business Achievers (Hall of Fame) September 2006

2005 Awards

  • Cairns Region Exporter of the Year, 2005

  • Winner, Manufacturer Award, Cairns Region, Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2005

  • Queensland Finalist, Smart Award, July 2005

  • Finalist, Business Achievers (Tourism) Award 2005

2004 Awards

  • Finalist, Arts/Entertainment Award, Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2004 (statewide)

  • Winner, Manufacturer Award, Cairns Region, Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2004

  • Finalist, Sport Export Award, national award, Australian Sport, March 2004

  • Finalist, Smart Award, Statewide award, July 2004

  • Winner, Business Achievers Award 2004

2003 Awards

  • Winner, Emerging Exporter Award, Cairns Region, Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2003

  • Finalist, e-Commerce Business Achievers Award 2003

  • Inductee, Australian Technology Showcase, 2003, a National award recognizing innovation.

2002 Awards

  • Highly Commended, Emerging Exporter Award, Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2002

  • Winner, e-Commerce Business Achievers Award 2002

For more information about our corporate history click here, or if you are ready to take on your future, then Click here to take the next step...

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Peter Lander aka "Plan"
Inventor & Founder

Bachelor of Computer Science, University
of Technology

Nicole Lander aka "Zev-va"
Read her Blog, click here

Bachelor of Commerce, Griffith University,
Post-Graduate Diploma of Communications
University of Technology

Peter & his wife, Nicole are the co-founders of Battlefield Sports


- Original Message -
From: Radford Family
To: 'Peter AKA "Plan"'
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 9:53 PM
Subject: RE: Ranks and Claymore Mine
Roma is a small but growing community in far western Qld. I have wanted to start a small part time paintball business in our area for a long time but due to population the choice of equipment would very quickly dictate success or failure. When the gun laws changed paintball was simply not a viable option. For years I have put this on hold, and then I got invited to a mate’s 40th birthday party. We played Battlefield LIVE at a Darling Downs Laser Skirmish field in Toowoomba and I was immediately hooked, not only on the game but also the equipment.

I started doing my sums and then realized I needed more insight into the equipment. Nic from DDLS was a tower of information and has given tremendous support. He advised there were three good options for the owner of any commercial field –Battlefield Sports, Battlefield Sports or Battlefield Sports.

In the end I went with Battlefield Sports because of their reputation for dead hard equipment and reliability. I got far more than I bargained for. The first thing that struck me when I contacted Battlefield Sports was that they talked about what I wanted from my set up, at my budget and the discussion never left my needs. I never heard the words “you can’t” and was even counseled about over investing. Battlefield Sports is clearly about making your business successful. Their experience, service and advice, not to mention patience, has no equal.

The new guns have arrived and are simply outstanding. The new version commando and scorpion even has my referees drooling. If you think they look good in pictures you will be shocked at how much better they are for real.

Thank you so very much for giving me your time and patience. Word of mouth has spread like wild fire and our opening month was booked out before we started. I have to consider the very real possibility that I may not have enough guns!

Karl “Phoenix” Radford
Roma Laser Games


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