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"I could not be happier about my decision to start my maverick party business," Tom "We had an incredible experience this weekend at the Scouting event- there were over 3,000 Scouts" Suzette "Well, I received the Commandos the other day and all I can say is BRAVO! You guys out did yourselves," Jerry "The inflatables, at fetes/festivals are a great intro to the forest battles, massively cutting customer acquisition costs" Peter "Battlefield Sports has been an integral part of our success - in only 3 months, we have booked more then 40 events!" Mark

"Real time feedback, menu system on guns very easy to understand. Robust and heavy duty construction. Tech support via email is prompt." Mark, Ripley, UK

"I think with Lock n Load, your web site and expressions of commitment to you customers you guys are great. I know where to find you when I need you, And I know you will be there for us.. Thanks for your support I am looking forward to next year getting going and having great fun. All the best." Anthony, AU

"Things have been going very well so far. We are above where we projected to be so far with the system. The couple of outdoor events we have done so far went very well." Greg McM, NV, USA

Well, while everyone is speculating & putting these little beauties on their wish list...our 2 'dom boxes' had their first workout last weekend & were simply amazingly great fun! Well received with the players & staff. Couldn't be easier. Our 'search & destroy' mission just got a free upgrade because of them. The domination game allows for each team to be timed for possession and at the end the winning team is shown to have held control & won by 'x' minutes/seconds. Superb. Battlefield Sports...you have another winning product in your arsenal & gives us another advantage over our local competitors. Having been part of the clan for close to 6 years now, my family & I have had a most amazing journey...& at the rate of new product introduction, we will have at least another 6...HOOAH! Thanks Battlefield Sorts! Canuck, Newcastle, Australia

Hi Paul, Sorry, I haven't mailed you since I got my package from Australia, but here it comes: ... I'm grateful and a happy man - I'm glad, that I sold the tippmann lasertag system - and bought the Battlefield system. IT IS GREAT. The higher price is of no matter... this works (of course it matters - but you know what I mean). Everything worked perfect. Support, sales, shipment - AND THE EQUPTIMENT. Thanks - I'm sure, it's not the last time we'll do business. Have a nice weekend, Brgds Med venlig hilsen, Flemming

"I wanted to drop you a note stating that we have completed our first Battlefield Sports event and the customers were raving about the equipment. The description of the equipment included words like "awesome", "amazing" and "cool". Everything worked well and everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks for working with us and we look forward now to placing the inflatables in our gaming inventory as well." Ed, Ridgecrest, North Carolina

"Business is really booming up here at the moment. Our night playing sessions have been booked solid for the last couple of weeks, and we are still booked out for another 3 weeks of Friday night sessions. We advertised a Saturday night session to help relieve the backlog of Friday night customers.... only to have the next 3 weeks of Saturday nights booked out too. Booked solid - excellent stuff. Saturday and Sunday are nearly as solidly booked as well....We are about to open up night games at Dalby and try to do the same in Warwick very soon. We have secured a bush battlefield in Warwick itself, and have offers to do so in the Dalby area as well ! So now we have 4 locations in Toowoomba, 1 in Warwick with another on the way, one location about to open in Dalby, with yet another to follow in the same area. An event we are doing in Gatton in October may see a battlefield in that area as well. This is beyond my wildest dreams of what we expected our first 2 years to be! .....If anything, we really need another 20 scorpions, 20 inflatables and up to 40 more of the classy guns (like M4's , etc)... just to remove the strain of our current booking requirements. I've said it before and I'll no doubt say it again - this business is the best move we ever made. Thanks a lot," Nic Daniels. Darling Downs Laser Skirmish

I did a function at a hotel this past weekend and one of the guests fell into the pool with the gun a commando. I left it out to dry and recharged it but still does not respond. Do you think there is any chance of repair?.... Good news, I swapped out the main circuit board and it is working fine again, your design is really great, easy to maintain.  Thanks.

“WOW, WOW, WOW!!! That was all I could say when I opened up the packages of the guns I received last week. The quality of the product is amazing. The easy of use and realistic sounds are incredible. I instantly felt like a soldier on the battlefield, a real rush!! I have shown the product to a few friends so far and they cant wait for the official roll out. Even persons involved in the delivery of the guns wanted to know when we would get rolling..! I am very glad I made the choice to go with Battlefield Sports and I am excited about getting the business going. Thanks to Peter, Shaun and Nicole for all of the help." Erold, Nassau, Bahamas

"Hi Peter, I just wanted to let you know about the success we enjoyed with our first outing to a school fete. The fete was held at a small Catholic Primary school south of Cairns. The school had invited us and provided a suitable area and some equipment, such as make-shift barriers etc. to provide cover. During the course of the fete (from 3:00pm to 9:00pm) we put through over 300 players in 8 minute games. At one point we had a half-hour waiting line outside our ticket box! Not only did the school receive a welcome monetary contribution (we have been invited back for the next five years!) but some of the players at the fete visited our playing field the very next day. We have also been booked for three more fetes, with more in the pipeline. Two birthday groups booked as a direct result of the fete and there seems to be a heightened awareness of Lasertag in the community since the fete. We’ll be taking on as many as we can possibly handle in the future, without a doubt." Neville Wort Lasertag Cairns

"Hi Peter & Nicole, When we were down in Brisbane to pick up our equipment, I mentioned our first booking to you and you asked to hear how it went........What a blast. We turned up to run games for 20 teenagers (16 year old girls b'day party). Turns out a couple couldn't make it to the game/s but we still had 16 players - and two very keen dads who just couldn't quite say yes to a game (I got the impression that if we had more adults playing then the dads would have been in like a shot)...After the sign-in and equipment briefing, we got down to a 20 minute game of Death match. The range of the Commandos was evident in the open, but our gaming guns cleaned up in the heavy cover of young trees.... not a bad balance at all. Smiles all round but we had a tie (16 kills for each team)! Second and third games were (20 minutes each) Base Assault. The party was on a private farm which had great open areas up the middle of the battlefield, lots of cover around the flanks and a mixed amount of fallen trees, etc for those who wished to belly-crawl up to the enemy. The "base" was a large pile of boulders, sitting atop a small hill - looked great. At first some players tried a charge out in the open to attack the base... and were wiped out by the defenders. After that everyone got right into the idea of squad level tactics and we had flanking moves all over the place. Great fun. After we changed places for the third game, all players were in team tactics mode - and did they ever get into it.....wow. After the end of the third game, scores were still tied! Asked the players if they'd rather do a VIP escort or Survivor (non-respawn team death match to find the last team/player alive) or a Death match. Most players were very tired so opted for a straight-up Death match. 3 minutes left in the last game and scores were again tied.... both the teams took the battle up a notch and the "kills" started coming in, in droves. Final score 16 to 13... birthday girls team managed to just pull out the win. Before all the players had come out of the battlefield, the bragging had started. We were fully packed up and ready to go before the talk got to a level that I could politely butt-in and thank everyone for playing. All said it was the most fun they have had for a LONG time." Nick, Darling Downs Australia

We can now use the existing facilities for a whole new market and offer something to those who do not like getting bruised.”  When asked what the reaction was from his new customers Kevin said, “We've had comments like 'It's like playing in a computer game and players like the ability to respawn and get back in as opposed to paintball where its one hit and you are out.  There is also no doubt when you're hit as unlike paintball a pellet cannot bounce off.  The other customer comment was how addictive it is.” Kevin, West Devon UK

"Hi Peter, CWLS is up and running. We've had our smooth and rough patches as was expected, but we're now well on our way to paying back our loans and other business obligations. Battlefield LIVE has proven to be a big hit in the central west, with players coming from every town in the area, and having a great time with CWLS. The staff are paid well, and absolutely relish the opportunity to tell people that they make most of their money from running around shooting people in the head with gaming guns! Myself and my two partners have found Battlefield LIVE  to be incredibly easy to run smoothly on and off site. The equipment has functioned well. We've found that the Long guns are wonderful player attractors, and the moment a new customer's jaw drops to the ground when we show them the weapons is just great! Battlefield LIVE has also proven to be incredibly flexible, while I have read the business manual from cover to cover over 3 times, we tend to base our operations loosely upon your plan, allowing us to experiment and do things our own way, and if ever something goes wrong, we can just revert back to the tried and true method you guys have given us. I personally feel that CWLS has been blessed, as in our battlefield has been flawless, out of all the sessions we've run, the worst incident that has happened has been a single ant bite, we've just been so lucky to find such a perfect battlefield. I can't go without mentioning our wonderful staff, while we're only small right now, with 3 casual refs, all have gone beyond the call of duty; all looking after each other and the customers, doing everything with a smile, which has been invaluable for taming some of our less obedient groups, I have lost my place or omitted something important during a briefing, but every time that has happened, one of our staff have picked up where I left off, making things totally seamless." Lee, Central West Laser Skirmish, Australia

"Hi Paul, Thanks for the email sorry have not replied till now been really busy with it all here - word going round now lots of people talking. The open day was great. Everyone who has seen and played the game have said it's wicked (better than paint ball). This is because of the amount of lives able to be set, also no hot clothing. So far not a bad word spoken. People love it here. Thanks." HAYDEN, Canary Islands

"Hi Shaun!!! The pistols have come!!!! They are a marvel!!!! To whom this happened? Now I believe firmly that this was devastating with the paintball in Spain. The crate of the boxes is perfect. Everything has come without a blow, perfectly!!! That dates of August you come well? I have desire of meeting in person. I waiting prepared "to speak" English ;-))))) Give them thanks to Peter, Nicole, Jason, to the whole team of Engineers, and to the whole BFS's personnel. Especially to you. Shaun James Browne. We are grateful for you to have given ourselves this great opportunity of business and amusement. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! Best Regards!!!" Javier, Spain.

"Battlefield Sports has been an integral part of our success - in only 3 months, we have booked more then 40 events! And the feedback has been phenomenal - the clients love it for team building, parties, youth outings! We could not have done it without Battlefield Sports - from ensuring our order arrived smoothly and the equipment worked easily, to following up with marketing ideas and plans. Their staff is an excellent resource that is enthusiastic about working with their clients and the equipment is both extremely reliable and durable. The players love the look and feel of the lasers. Battlefield Sports cares as much about the success of our business as we do. Our business is going to be a great long-term success - and a great deal is due to the support of Battlefield Sports." Mark, New Jersey, USA

“It is totally safe and superb for the difficult market of 12-17 year olds and will give substantial benefit to us for our visitors fun.  It's the whole safety thing for me and the whole family involvement.  We have looked at paintball several times but have discounted it because of the danger factor.  Also having looked at all the outdoor laser systems available we concluded that the Battlefield Sports system was the best.  The guns are robust and realistic with a range to suit all ages and sizes and we are totally impressed with the service and back-up given by the company.” Rick, North Devon, UK.

"Hello Peter, The gaming guns are here and I have to give kudos to you & your staff on making significant improvements over the old models. My son field tested one of the new models at a party yesterday and he is a fan of the gun. He loves the red dot scope and the #2 configuration with the faster reload time. I again must congratulate you on the improvements. I am sure they will be a great hit! Sincerely," Tom, Washington DC, USA

"Well Jason I received the Commandos the other day and all I can say is BRAVO!! You guys out did yourselves this time around. The Commandos are the best all around gun in my inventory. I love the Morita and the Spitfire and M4 are great. But the Commando has a great size and weight... the range is amazing...and the rate of fire is "very impressive" couple all that with a kick ass paint scheme and collapsing stock and you folks have yourself a winner. (Tons of people that have come into my shop remark on how much they look like the guns from the video game HALO... another selling point I guess. Keep up the good work and keep me posted on any new things that might pop up." Jerry, Ontario Canada.

"The day I received your email is the day I received the guns.  They got here just fine and so far look really good.  I am very impressed with the quality of the weapons. This isn't your typical laser tag, this is some serious s***! Thanks." Randy, Dyess Texas, USA

"Hi Peter, I just received the guns. They sure had the WOW! effect on all of the staff at Jim's corp. Thanks" MARIO D'S. Divisional Expansion Coordinator, Jim's Corp Limited, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

"Have received guns think they're awesome and love new upgrades. Thanks for your help." Dave, Minnesota, USA

"Our first session on Saturday in Bendigo and all went well with great feed back from the customers. I'm happy and thanks again for putting on a great show. Will keep in touch. Cheers." Ralph & Donna, Battlefields in Bendigo, Shepparton & Echuca VIC, Australia.

"Wanted to let you know that we received the Morita Sniper Rifles. They are GREAT!! Played with them all weekend! The gaming guns look and feel great, we'll be taking them out in the field tomorrow. Love the adjustable butt stocks! The Spitfire Machine Pistols arrived on Friday afternoon and they work GREAT!! Thank you for the instructions, they were excellent." Charles & Nadine. HERE'S WHAT THEY SAID MORE THAN 2 YEARS LATER! "Thanks so much for the info. You guys are the best! No one here in the States has even come close to producing a quality commercial weapon. I always tell people that your weapons have held up to the abuse rental equipment takes. Minor issues and a quick fix with parts from Radio Shack have kept our repair costs to almost nothing. Thanks again ... we're still having fun!!" Nadine, New Hampshire, USA.

"These toys really are all that you claimed - great play." Mark, Private Battlefield LIVE Club, Alabama, USA.

"We are excited about the possibilities available to a mobile operation. We have lots of small towns surrounding Albany and we plan to run a circuit to nearby towns." Judi, Albany WA, Australia.

"We were genuinely impressed with the possibilities offered by Battlefield LIVE as an alternative to paintball, particularly given our State's legal restrictions."  Peter, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.


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