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Your Battlefield Business

Your Battlefield business ownership - ok so you want to open an interactive, entertainment company, do you? Well that's fine, just for a moment let's look at the Seven Major Points of Logic, logic that we think you will want to consider.

  1. Massive worldwide demand for our entertainment. Proven, tested with millions of games played. Demand is high all over the world.

  2. No effective competition in your area. Paintball and Airsoft are in different markets. You can offer a compelling, addictive and much needed entertainment option locally. Further our live gaming exciting and mobility are a delicious mix.

  3. Perfect Timing: In business timing is everything. Too early and you'll be exhausted; too late and you'll starve to death. With Battlefield Sports, you are joining us at just the right time, demand is growing exponentially.

  4. Financially stable company, with a B2 Dunn and Bradstreet credit rating, numerous government awards and over 1,500 media coverage spots all over the world.

  5. Enormous repeat business potential. Follow our plan and you'll have customers that will spend thousands with you over the years. Consider the cost of starting a laser tag business. Analyze your return on investment. The lifetime value of a customer with you can be enormous: potentially low acquisition cost, high customer value.

  6. Favorable Legal Climate all over the world. In many areas if gamers want a combat simulation outdoors we are the only real choice. We expect this favorable legal status to improve over the next few years.

  7. Tremendous company support, you are in business for yourself but not alone, Battlefield Sports executives are behind you every step of the way. In fact, we wrote the book on the subject.

Our team is here to give you new business ideas, seven simple steps to start up your business, whether it is a home based business or a major theme park and attraction center. Based on our years of experience we have good ideas and guidelines and steps for starting a small business and getting it growing. Our new combat entertainment business is the very latest home based small business ideas. It is underpinned by the current business trends in information technology.  

Call us to find out about the cost to start a paintball business alternative.

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