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Why Individual Rankings are bad for Business

indoor laser tagTraditional indoor laser tag was played with plastic “phasers” with a score sheet - the focus was on the individual and their personal ranking, from the best to the worst player.

Rather we believe in team work. Our focus, instead, is on achieving team objectives.

Victory or defeat, as a team depends on whether, or not, the mission objective was achieved. This also enables the use of authentic tactics, like room clearing. Individual gamers can track their own statistics, such as shooting accuracy, number of tags, number of de-activations, on their own gaming gun in real time.

The technology supports the development of a positive culture.

The SATR system gives you real-time gaming stats such as kills / death (K/D) ratio and Assists/Wound (A/W) Ratio. Gamers know how many kills (k) they got, as well as how many hits (h) they made. The statistics also lets him know how many times they've Re-spawned (s) and their Accuracy percentage (A%). And, finally, how many hit Points  (HP) they are left with at the end of the game.  This makes it just like a LIVE computer game.


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