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satr logThis is the world's first, instant real-time hit feedback system. This technology is patent protected (patent #PCT/AU2007/001970) & only available from Battlefield Sports. Note: sounds are copyright Battlefield Sports. A word from the inventor.

69 Gaming Guns

You can now choose from 69 gaming guns. From hand guns, rifles to sniper rifles and machine guns, choose from authentic sound effects.

Machine Guns 

bfs  Morita
bfs FN Minimi / M249
bfs M60
bfs RPD/Type 56
bfs M1919 A4 MMG
bfs M1918 A2 BAR
bfs Maxim MG08 MMG
bfs Degtvarev DP LMG
bfs DShK M1938 HMG
bfs Lewis MK1 LMG
bfs Bren MkII LMG
bfs Vickers Mk1 MMG
bfs MG42 LMG


bfs  Commando Carbine
bfs Pulse
bfs M16A2
bfs M16A1—1970
bfs M16—1967
bfs Colt Commando
bfs M14
bfs M24 Sniper Rifle
bfs Simonov Carbine
bfs AK47
bfs AK74
bfs Dragunov SVD
bfs M-1903
bfs H&K G3
bfs M1 Garand
bfs M1 Carbine
bfs M2
bfs Lee-Enfield SMLE
bfs Mosin-Nagant Rifle
bfs Steryr AUG
bfs L85A1-2/SA80
bfs H&K G36
bfs MP-42 MP-44
bfs Kar 98K
bfs Musket

Sub Machine Guns

bfs  Scorpion
bfs H&K MP5
bfs H&K MP5 SD
bfs Uzi
bfs M-1928A1 Thompson
bfs M3 Grease Gun
bfs Owen SMG
bfs Sten Mark 2
bfs MP38/40
bfs MP18
bfs MP28-50
bfs MAT 49-20
bfs MAT 49-32
bfs PPS-43
bfs PPSch-41
bfs FN P90

Hand Guns

bfs  Colt M-1911
bfs  Beretta 92FS (M9)
bfs  Browning GP35-HP
bfs  H&K UPS Match
bfs   Tokarev TT-33
bfs   Luger Pistole 08
bfs   Walther P38
bfs   Nambu 14 Shiko
bfs   Smith & Wesson M&P
bfs   Nagrant M-1895 
bfs   Enfield Revolver


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