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satr logThis is the world's first, instant real-time hit feedback system. This technology is patent protected (patent #PCT/AU2007/001970) & only available from Battlefield Sports. Note: sounds are copyright Battlefield Sports. A word from the inventor.

Perhaps the most famous gun ever, the Uzi sub machine gun features a 25 shot magazine, is capable of fully automatic and semiautomatic fire, has short range, has 8 spare magazines of 9mm Parabellum ammunition and takes 3 seconds to reload. The UZI was designed in Israel by namesake Uziel Gal, and manufactured by IMI. The UZI has been adopted by police and military of more than 90 countries, including Israel, Germany and Belgium.
g36 sound file Uzi Gun Stats  
sound file Hear the Uzi shooting
sound file Hear it start re-loading
sound file Hear it finish re-loading
sptifre   Use the Battlefield Sports' Spitfire machine pistol as an Uzi.  


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