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satr logThis is the world's first, instant real-time hit feedback system. This technology is patent protected (patent #PCT/AU2007/001970) & only available from Battlefield Sports. Note: sounds are copyright Battlefield Sports. A word from the inventor.

The P90

The P90 personal defense weapon was made famous by the Stargate franchise. The gun is ambidextrous, light-weight, and designed in the "bullpup" configuration (in which the action and the magazine are located behind the trigger) which reduces the firearm's length whilst retaining a full-length barrel.
The P90 personal defense weapon features a 50 round magazine, supports both fully automatic and semiautomatic fire, has medium range, has 4 reloads of 5.7mm FN ammunition and takes 4 seconds to reload.
The FN P90 was developed in the late 1980s as a defensive weapon for troops whose primary activities did not include small arms. Troops such as vehicle, tank & artillery crews. Standard Pistols and SMGs chambered for pistol rounds had proven ineffective against enemy soldiers, wearing bulletproof vests, so FN developed a new round with enhanced penetration - the SS190.
ak47 sound file P90 Gun Stats
sound file Hear the P90 shooting
sound file Hear it reload
photo of new p90   Battlefield Sports' new P90 case prototype pictured here.


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