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Live-Plays Brought 2 Life

Integral to implementing SATR is having great games to play with the gaming guns. That’s why Battlefield Sports has brought their Games Handbook to life on celluloid...

Question: What do the X-men spin-off “Wolverine,” Steven Spielberg’s mini-series “Pacific” and Battlefield Sports’ Live-Play movies have in common?

Answer: the production crew.

Yes that’s right. Many of the same film crew who worked on both the X-men prequel and the HBO series squeezed into their busy schedule time to shoot our Live-Play movies.

We call our Live-Plays weapons of mass exhilaration. Each Live-Play is a script for a scenario, which includes mission objectives, descriptions of scenes, maps, and director’s notes for props (such as gaming guns). Until now, these Live-Plays were only available in written format.

Now, in true cinematic style, the Live-Play mini-movies used authentic, vintage, uniforms, webbing, and props. The cast and crew of 20 people went on location to Battlefield LIVE’s Ipswich Depot to re-create scenes from modern day recruit training scenarios, historic re-enactments from Vietnam and WW2, as well as live action role play introductions.

The lead actor and extras for each mini-movie were cast for authenticity. For example for the Japanese briefing for the Kokoda Track mission, a Japanese man, in full WW2 uniform was cast.

The Live-Play movies are divided into two categories: basic plays and special features. The basic Live-Plays are those beginner’s games that are played in many a battlefield, namely:

  • Death Match

  • Capture the Base

  • VIP Escort (Battle, Ambush, Pursuit versions)

  • Capture & Hold and

  • Sniper.

The Live-Play special features cover a broad variety of war genres, namely:

  • 4 Strong Points

  • Tet Offensive

  • Kokoda Track

  • Heydte’s Escape (see below)

  • Rescue the General

  • Battle of Nui Le

  • Citadel Hue

  • Operation Black Box

  • Operation Bribie

  • Stop the Assassins

  • 34 Alpha, and

  • the multi-part Border Command.

Each mini-movie is available for purchase (video clip and game mechanics) individually or you can order the entire series at a set.

SATR simulates a wide range of weapons for the period of WW1 to modern warfare. These go hand-in-hard with the Live-Play script. While the guns and inflatables are cool props, the key to a really immersive experience is the Live-Plays.

With our new mini-movie production, the stage is set, the battle lines are drawn; time to experience the Battlefield LIVE.

Americans Briefing

Germans Briefing


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