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Sniper Games

Snipers are the modern equivalent of the ninja.

The Sniper Live-Play works well for very small groups. This game suits groups of between 3 & 16 gamers.

While most Live-Plays require a minimum of 6 gamers (3 on 3) to work, Sniper runs well on only 3 or 4 gamers.

Snipers have 4 hit points. Snipers are usually armed with a telescopic scoped Morita configured either as a bolt action rifle such as the M24 Sniper Rifle or, to make it a little easier, a semi-automatic sniper rifle configuration such as the Dragunov SVD.

The hunters are set to 1 hit point and normal Full Auto firing mode.


Snipers Briefing

Hunters Briefing


For ever hunter killed, 1 victory point is earned by the Snipers. Each Sniper alive at end of game is worth 5 victory points.

Sniper is usually run enough times that everyone has a chance to be a sniper.

The winner is the sniper team that received the most points.

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