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Capture the Base

With infantry combat, the most frequent scenario relates to fighting over a specific key location, such as a bridge or a hill. In a Live-Play this is often marked by a flag. 

Other examples of the "base" could be high ground for artillery observation, a key road junction or any number of installations with military or political significance.

In this LIVEPLAY one force deploys in and around the objective, this force is known as the defenders.

The other force deploys just out of sight of the defenders with orders to take the objective area within a specified time, this force is known as the attackers.


Attackers Briefing

Defenders Briefing


Usually both forces are relatively even in force size and capability, however it is fine for the attacking to be stronger, especially if the hit point values are kept in the low range e.g. 2 or 3 hit points.

For beginners the base assault is run on 5 hit points. The objective can be indicated by a flag if there is no obvious objective area available such as a building or bridge.

capture the flagIf a flag is used, the winning team is the team with the most number of survivors within 12 feet (3 meters) of the flag at mission end.

It is important to point out in the mission briefing that this is not capture the flag, no one should run off with the flag.

Typically the two teams start approximately 300-500 feet (60-120 meters) from each other. At the very least, out of one another’s sight. The battlefield should have between 10-20 feet (3 and 5 meters) width per gamer with a minimum of 300 feet (100 meters).

Normally the mission runs for 30 minutes. In this scenario, each team is guaranteed unlimited re-spawns for the first 20 minutes.

However the referees need to count them.

At the 20-minute mark, the Mission C.O. talks to the referees at each base to obtain the re-spawn count for each team. If the attackers have taken more re-spawns than the defenders then attackers get 50% of the total team size in re-spawns (so if there are 50 attacker gamers, they get 25 re-spawns) else attackers received 100% re-spawns.

The defenders always get 50% re-spawns in the last 10 minutes. Defenders receive re-spawns from objective area or very nearby. The attackers receive re-spawns from their start point.

The reason for this system is it guarantees everyone plays most of the mission but allows the last 10 minutes of the mission for one team to force a result. If there was no cut-off point for re-spawns the attackers could never win practically.

Even though there is unlimited re-spawns to the 20 minute mark, there is still a powerful penalty for friendly gamers “dying” so the first 20 minutes are not pointless. To have the thrill and pressure of a combat game, it’s important to always make it that taking hits and dying is bad news.

Because attackers always get at least 50% re-spawns for the last 10 minutes of play, they still always have fighting chance in the last 10 minutes even if they were smashed in the first 20 minutes.

The base assault is an excellent introductory mission and is recommended for all gamers playing their first game. It is normally run twice so both teams have an opportunity to play attackers and defenders.


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