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Team Death Match

This is a simple, eliminate the enemy LIVE PLAY.  It is known as "Team Death Match." Gamers fight a battle of attrition.

Game play includes basic gaming tactics or aiming and avoiding getting hit.

It is a great first game. Just about everybody has an itchy trigger finger when they first arrive at a Battlefield LIVE venue.

The Team Death Match mission is perfect to release some tension. Roughly equal team sizes.

Teams start at opposite ends of the battlefield.


Delta Team Briefing

Bravo Team Briefing


Each team gets unlimited re-spawns from their base and everyone gets 3 hit points (hits they can take before they must go back and get a respawn). elimination

The referees count the number of respawn. The winning team is the one with less respawns.

You can also vary this mission by limiting the number of respawns.

The game usually goes for 30 minutes.

This mission is great warm-up/ice-breaker because every gamer, plays the whole mission and its very forgiving of mistakes.

Suitable for beginners.

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