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Grande Pillbox

inflatable pillboxThe grande pillbox is a fantastic  central gaming inflatable.  

The grande pillbox stands 8 foot or 2.3m tall. The feature comes in a set of 3 parts, two flanks and one central piece.

This is an ideal center piece to your inflatable battlefield. Great for clan wars and tournaments because the spectators (and the referees) can see all the action!

These inflatables are able to be used either indoors or outdoors.



 grande inflatable













close up

   Urban Inflatable - Grande Pillbox
  Width:  9 ft / 3m
  Total Height:  8 ft / 2.3m
  Weight each piece:  68lbs / 31kg
  Height of Doorway:  6 ft / 2m
  Width of Doorway:  3 ft / 0.9m

Default Pattern:

 Moss Brick



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