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High Wall

The high wall is great, especially for creating dead-ends in urban battlefields. This gaming inflatable is a staple part of any building maze.

It stands 2.3m (7½ft)  high. This provides the perfect barrier

High walls are best for blocking line of sight. You can use them to create corridors and rooms, which you can "clear".

These gaming inflatables are able to be used either indoors or outdoors.

*Note: For free shipping to your nearest seaport world-wide, a minimum order of 16 inflatable pieces is required.

NATO STOCK NUMBER: NSN: 6910-99-737-5637


     Urban Inflatables - High Wall

  Width:  9¾ ft / 3m
  Total Height:  7½ ft / 2.3m
  Weight:  52lbs / 24kg


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