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Long Low Wall

The low walls are great, especially for creating the interesting twists and turns in mazes.

Low walls are best for creating depth in the battlefield.

Many real-life barricades are low walls so it is an ideal emplacement behind which to position your troops. This gaming inflatables is as long as a high wall, but just 1.2m high. So it is perfect for a garden wall or traffic barrier.

Pattern shown here (see right foreground) is Red brick without bullet holes and then with bullet holes (bottom right).

Long low walls are designed to connect to a inflatable building for stability.

These inflatables are able to be used either indoors or outdoors.

NATO STOCK NUMBER: NSN: 6910-99-837-3164

     Urban Inflatables - Low Wall

  Width:  9 ft / 3m
  Total Height:  4 ft / 1.2m
  Weight:  34lbs / 15kg
  Default Pattern Red Brick


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