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Battlefield LIVE - milsim gaming

Building a milsim live gaming business is Peter's dream business.  Battlefield LIVE is positioned to dominate the combat entertainment. It does milsim like no another. We have a range of gaming guns - P90, M4 carbine, Spitfire Uzi to suit your milsim theme.
Numbers of people who can play at the same time (cash flow potential) 300 people at once
Flexible location options (i.e. forest fields, Family Entertainment Centers, hotels & resorts, festivals, shopping malls) Ten times the options
Do the Gamer Generation love it? Player surveys show that 80+% prefer playing Battlefield Live over Xbox/PS2.
Participant pain when hit? None.
Cost to play for participants Low
Ammunition costs Zero
How safe is it to play? Very Safe
Where can you play? Many location options
Legal Restrictions Minimal, no age limit.
Shooting Range of Guns Long
Environmental Impact We are green...wink

Do you have an unbeatable attitude? If so you could be just the kind of person we are looking for. Click here to take the next step...



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