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Inflatables Carry Bag

Since the whole idea is that this is mobile gaming you'll need to move your battlefield inflatables around. 

When you order inflatables we will give you enough carry bags to carry them all.

Comes in one pattern - US woodlands camouflage.


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-- Original Message -- From: Paul To: Peter Sent: Thursday, June 21 7:38 PM Subject: Inflatable
"Is there are way to rush the inflatables? It's gone mad here, were doing some enormous events, the calendar is getting blocked. I had to buy another new van (a camper) as we are mobile as far as the mid south coast of England, and all over the south west. I don't know what everyone else is doing they must be asleep. We are running amok with work." Paul D, Ambush Battlefield Live, Devon, UK

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