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Commando Photos...

Battlefield LIVE gaming guns are precision built TOUGH in Australia so you know that they will last you for many years. Here are some extra images of the Commando.
The Commando Carbine, close up. commando carbine
This Commando carbine is a good mid-weight weapon. marine carbine
For a carbine this gun's range is very long either in daylight or dusk. siren the face of battlefield live
Gaming Girls prefer the Commando carbine. commando carbine in asia
Lying down on the job! commando and scorpion
Play anywhere, using our gaming inflatables and a camo commando playing on the tennis court at the London Hilton.
While our guns are water resistant we recommend against submersion. 
Battlefield LIVE gets the kids lined up!
The Commando is a terrific medium weight weapon. Ideal for CQB and long range.    
Here are Mother and Son playing side by side with Commandos. Battlefield Live is a great, family friendly activity.
The most popular gun color is "Gun Metal Grey" it is a dark metallic silver, seen right.
Great for counter terrorist missions  

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