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Master Controller

This Master Controller is a portable device that lets the operator run the entire shooting match.

When creating a battlefield or Battlefield LIVE arena theming is paramount. You want your customers to suspend disbelief when they are at your attraction. You want them to really get into the game.

Another feature of the new SATR system is that ANY gaming gun can be configured to act as a Ref Gun.

The Master Controller can perform the both infrared & radio functions:

Infrared (direct line of fire – target single unit):

  • Set the Team (e.g. Team A and Team B, so you can turn off friendly fire)

  • Re spawn units currently dead back to full health and full ammunition

  • Re load ammunition restoring all spent magazines

  • Pause

  • Resume

  • Kill

  • New game

  • Change Battle (set battle that this unit is isolated to)

  • Change weapon

  • Change difficulty level (easy, standard or hard)

  • Change hit points

  • Sensor test.
    respawn pistol

Radio (affects all SATR units configured to the same battle).

  • Pause

  • Resume

  • End Game (disables all SATR units in this battle)

  • Start Game (enables all SATR units that were disabled)

  • Set game time.

  • Standard issue colour: black.

    What Does "Respawn" Mean?
    Since the game of Battlefield LIVE is like a live computer game, we've borrowed a few terms from video game lingo. "Respawn" is one of them. It refers to when an eliminated gamer moves to a designated base or mobile medic (usually a staff member acting as a referee or game master) and then is allowed to return to play. Sort of like a commander's reserve or a replacement solider.

    You need one Master Controller per battle group. 


    GUNS SPECS Ref Gun
    Style Hand gun
    Range Very Short
    Other Specs  
    Construction Metal, resin handle .
    Trigger full trigger mechanism
    Weight 2kgs/4lbs
    Recommended environments Day/Night Outdoors
    Gun Length 26cm/10"
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