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Claymore Mine

Blow the berzookers out of your enemy!

This amazing Battlefield LIVE™ claymore mine is distinctive it is a three panel convex curve. Used by a gamer, it can add a lot of excitement to scenario missions.

It features the iconic "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY" marking.

Its standard issue color is black.

The new SATR claymore has a bank of emitters enabling even longer range. The unit has three configurations:

When emulating a claymore mine unit is configured in "kill" mode.

This means that if a gamer is in range, they will automatically be reduced to zero hit points, no matter what level of HP they were on.

A hit from this unit when configured as a normal mine will cause 1 hit point loss per explosion.

This configuration uses the "shoot" function (rather than the "kill" function) so this mine can be set to either TEAM A or TEAM B if friendly-fire is off, or will hit both if friendly-fire is on.

This configuration actually shoots continuously for 22 seconds.

It has a cool "Geiger-counter" type sound effect.

Once the unit is set as a mine are are four other options.

Multi Mine Always Live Mine rearms in 6 seconds automatically
Single Mine One fire only Once fired must be reset before it can fire again. A mission
end/mission start by RF will rearm the mine.
Regen Mine 2.5min Reload Mine rearms in 150 seconds automatically
Trigger Mine Shoot to Fire The mine can be triggered if the sensor on the claymore is
hit by any gaming gun.

More pics of the claymore, click here...

Style Mine
Range short
Other Specs  
Construction Metal
Accessories 20m cable with button (clacker emulation) on the end
Weight 1.5kgs/4lbs
Recommended environments Day/Night Outdoors, eg ski fields, forest, woodlands. Also able to be used indoors or in an urban environment
Recommended Weapon Emulations
Dirty Mine (radiation) Claymore
Normal Bomb  

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