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Battle Dress Uniforms

Battlefield LIVE guns are further enhanced with optional extras, such as battle dress uniforms, and camouflage accessories. See right woodlands coveralls and garrison cap with elastic and Velcro.

Clients may wish to add coveralls and hats to your gaming gun order. Battlefield Sports is now offering quality coveralls to our customers.

If you are within the States then we can drop-ship Coveralls directly to you. If you are in Europe we can ship them via our UK distributor. If you are elsewhere in the world we can ship directly from our warehouse in Australia.

Currently our most popular pattern is US woodlands. We also have available Digital woodlands pattern camo (see below for new photos) coveralls for clients outside the States. Depending on your country, we can get outfits to suit 6 year olds right up to XXXXXL adult sizes. Call for sizes available in your area. On sale! Click here for the catalog.

Also available on request are:

  • Caps and jungle hats (camo or grey)
  • Kids' Bandanas (Canadian digital pattern)
  • Adults' Bandanas (marpat camo pattern)
  • Headbands (black, red or green)
  • Camo raincoats/ponchos and
  • Specialist camouflage such as tiger stripe or Smokey branch, or British Pattern 10.
  • Flags
  • Black leather battle fingerless gloves
  • Bags (medium or large)
  • Lanyards and whistles.


BP10 Boonie / Giggle Army Style Hat

US Woodlands pattern Cap

Grey Cap, Red Headband & Gloves

Digital Woodlands Pants digital woodlands pattern

Digi Cam Cap
digi pattern garison cap

Digital coverallsdigital woodlands coveralls

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