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Morita Squad Automatic Weapon
Morita Sniper, click here

The Morita is in the Auto Rifle or Light Machine Gun class of weapon. Once fitted with a red dot scope and bipod becomes your Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). 

This makes a great Light Machine Gun. Here you can see the standard all black color scheme.

This Battlefield LIVE gun can really create a "Wow!" effect with your customers.  

The bipods are designed specifically for gamers who need a steady, portable and versatile rest out in the battlefield.

Standard issue color: Phantom black. siren with SAW

More photos of the SAW, click here...


Style Squad Automatic Weapon
Range Extreme
Other Specs  
Recommended Scope Red Dot
Construction Metal
Trigger Full trigger mechanism
Weight 4.3kgs/9.5lbs
Recommended environments Day/Night Outdoors, eg ski fields, forest, woodlands
Gun Length 88cm/34"
Recommended Weapon Emulations
Battlefield Sports Morita SAW (default) Minimi/M249
M60 GPMG RPD/Type 56 LMG
M1919 A4 MMG M1918 A2 BAR
Maxim MG 08 MMG Degtyarev DP LMG
DShK M1938 HMG Lewis MkI LMG
Bren MkII LMG Vickers MkI MMG
MG42 LMG  
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