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Cobra Laser Tag Phaser

Our new Cobra is one of our lightest models. It is made from polycarbonate, rather than metal, so it is perfect for the younger players, and for indoor game play.

It is also great for portable attraction, as this new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for extended range.

It also comes standard with an integrated peep Red Dot sight, but you can add a 30mm Red Dot Scope upgrade if you prefer. 

Standard issue color: black or grey phaser with either red/blue/green decals.

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Style Sub Machine Gun
Range Short for CQB  or Indoors
Other Specs
Recommended Scope Red Dot peep
Construction Polycarbonate, 2 hand handle
Trigger trigger mechanism (not a button)
Weight 1.8kgs/3½lbs
Recommended environments Day/Night Outdoors or Indoors
Gun Length 40cm/15¾"
Recommended Weapon Emulations
Battlefield Sports Scorpion (default) Uzi
MP5 SD M3 Grease Gun

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