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Scorpion Bolter Photos...

Battlefield LIVE gaming guns and mines are precision built TOUGH in Australia so you know that they will last you for many years. Here are some extra pics of the Scorpion sub machine gun.

Scorpion up close scorpion
Click for a close up of the optional blue color.
Authentic CQB Live games work well with the scorpion in the woods. marine scorpion
C.O. Siren scorpion photos
Both boys and girls play  Boys and Girls play
Girls all over the world love the Scorpion because of its light-weight and long range.  scorpion bolter in asia
Gaming in Turkey gaming in the EU
Heads up display (HUD).
Create an "instant" gaming battlefield, using Battlefield Sports' camo nets & inflatables
Recreate authentic CQB Live games with the scorpion. raven
This Scorpion has its own ghille suit, and forward hand grip. 
It is also great outdoors, especially around the air field bunkers. capture the flag

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From: Murat Ay Date: January 15, 3:53:36 AM To: 'Shaun James Browne' Cc: Peter Lander Subject: our very first event
Dear Peter & Shaun Our first event was more than we've expected, it was great :-)
Yours, Murat AY Üsküdar / İstanbul
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