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Machine Pistol Photos...

Battlefield LIVE gaming guns and mines are precision built TOUGH in Australia so you know that they will last you for many years. Here are some extra pics of the Spitfire.

Here's a photo of latest version of the Spitfire - our 2010 model, with the bigger speaker.   new 2010 spitfire
Another photo of the Spitfire. Click on the photo got get an even better look. new spitfire
Even thought the new 2009 design Spitfire has a 40mm barrel its design is well proportioned. new machine pistol
A close up of the Spitfire. Click on the photo got get an even batter look. Please note the 2008 model shown here. spitfire uzi
Siren with the pre-2009 Spitfire.  siren spitfire uzi
Compact & robust (pre-2009 model shown) SATR Spitfire
Great for re-enactments (pre-2009 model shown)
Grab your gaming gun and get into the action (pre-2009 model shown)

The Spitfire is best for the younger gamers who often like a lightweight unit (pre-2009 model shown).

It is very popular with all of our young gamers who love Battlefield LIVE Junior.




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