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Saber Pistol 

Our new Saber Pistol is one of our lightest models. It is made from polycarbonate, rather than metal, so it is perfect for the younger players, and for indoor game play.

Its design is inspired by the famous M9 Pistol.

It is also great for portable attraction, as this new model comes with a 25mm lens.

This model is not designed to have a scope. However, add our adventure pack, to include an underslung tactical torch.

The M9 pistol comes with a smaller key than is issued with other gaming gun models.

More pics of the pistol, click here

It has has 3 positions:

  • Red straight up OFF
  • Green to the side ON (green is for go!) and
  • Yellow bottom CHARGE.

Standard issue color: black with a blaze orange tip.

This image shows the black Pistol.

  • Read the latest press release about the Saber Pistol, click here...

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Style Pistol
Range Short for CQB  or Indoors
Other Specs
Recommended Scope N/a
Construction Polycarbonate, single hand handle
Trigger trigger mechanism (not a button)
Weight 0.6kgs/1lb
Recommended environments Day/Night Outdoors or Indoors
Gun Length 27cm/10"
Recommended Weapon Emulations
Battlefield Sports Scorpion (default) All handguns in class

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