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Morita Sniper Rifle Photos...

Battlefield LIVE gaming guns are precision built TOUGH in Australia so you know that they will last you for many years. Imagine playing with your very own Call of Duty 4 50 cal sniper rifle emulator. Here are some extra images of the Morita Sniper.

Morita Sniper (Click on the photo to get a better close up). morita sniper
The Morita Sniper is a formidable weapon. sniper rifle reloaded
Its metal construction and extended length (almost 3 foot/1 metre) are terrific. (Older model shown.)
You can customize the sniper rifle by adding our new super sensor technology which makes the weapon even more sensitive in very bright sunlight. (Older model shown.)
The Morita is a great hunting rifle, ideal for woodlands missions  Like all of our guns they are not modified airsoft or paintball guns, rather they are electronic guns. They have no barrel chamber or bullet firing mechanism. (Older model shown.)

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