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Gaming Guns

Battlefield Sports makes Laser Tag gaming guns built tough.

Laser Tag gaming guns as used by SWAT, Law enforcement, military personnel and gamers in more than 35 countries. Precision built TOUGH in Australia so you know that they will last you for many years. Scroll down to see our online catalog of our gaming guns and see what all the excitement is all about.
"We have been absolutely blown away by the positive feedback & reaction from our customers. The SATR equipment has been incredibly well received & every session we have run has left players totally impressed. Our customers are amazed at the technical capability of the system & particularly the close replication to online or console gaming. It is so easy to play & we literally have had all ages playing from 7 year olds to 70 year olds & everything in between. We have only just scratched the surface in terms of the market penetration & look forward to a superb summer with many more satisfied customers getting the Battlefield LIVE bug!" Graham S, UK

Unlike paintball guns or airsoft guns these gaming guns shoot high-powered infrared "ghost bullets". These "laser tag gaming guns" work either indoors or outdoors. Scroll down to check out each gaming gun model.

Our patented technology emulates 69 weapons, plus a "laser tag" theme. We make a variety of gaming gun cases, plus a master controller, a battle box (medic box) & a claymore. The electronics are the same in every case. So any unit can be configured to be any one of the 69 weapons that our SATR system emulates. To find out more about SATR, click here.  To read our Compliance Reports, click here

Catalog of Gaming Guns

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